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Jump For Fun! is the best party place in Texas! What makes us so different from other birthday party centers?  Dare to compare!
  • Party days: During birthday party weekends, the public is not invited to Jump For Fun!  This allows us to control access and provides a better experience for your party. Other places allow just anybody in during your party.  Not us!
  • Inflatables:  We have 12 awesome inflatables, more than any other indoor center in Texas!
  • Party rooms:  We have the largest in the business! We have hosted parties for up to 60 kids! Plus, our party rooms are completely private!  At other party centers, your party "room" consists of just walls with an open ceiling, so you have to tolerate the noise of other parties and the jump arena! Who needs that?
  • Party room availability:  Don't you hate it when you have to wait until THEY tell you that you can go into your party room?  At Jump For Fun!, your party room is available to you as soon as you walk in the door and then through your entire visit!  Want to decorate, or need a place to escape from the noise for a few minutes?  Already tired and want to go from the jump arena into the party room early? Your party room is available when YOU want it!
  • Birthday Guest of Honor: At some party places, there is no throne for the Guest of Honor!  What's up with that?  At Jump For Fun!, EVERY party room has an awesome inflatable throne so that your child feels like royalty on his or her special day!
  • Free Wifi:  ALWAYS available!
  • Air hockey:  Always available, and always free!
  • Foosball:  Are you kidding?  Foosball paddle handles are at the height of a child's eye! So, no foosball at Jump For Fun!  Your child's safety is our first priority!
  • Tiny Jumpers:  We have an area set aside for the tiniest jumpers called Teenincy Town.  Only the littlest jumpers are allowed in here!
  • No Quarters Allowed: Jump For Fun! is a quarter free facility!  Your price of admission includes access to all of our fun activities.  Since we don't offer arcade games, your kids will be spending their time running, jumping, playing and exercising, not sitting in front of a video game or bugging you for quarters to try to earn tickets for a prize that is worth about 3% of what it takes to earn it, or bugging you to buy them useless junk in the lobby! 
  • Party limits:  At Jump For Fun!, since we have the largest jump arena in Texas, we can share it between parties!  However, IF you share the jump arena (and many of our parties are private), you will only share it with a maximum of ONE other party at a time, AND that party is age-matched to yours. In other words, the party that you MIGHT share the jump arena with will be within 2 years of your child's age. At some birthday party places, you can share the jump arena with up to EIGHT other parties, with no age matching, AND the public is allowed in!  Yeesh!
  • Cost: Compare Jump For Fun! to other party centers.  We're confident you'll find that we offer the best bargain and experience around!  Plus, if you do find a special offer from one of our competitors, we honor it!
  • We're twice the size and twice the fun!  Why pay more and get less?
 Sorry, but we do not offer Open Jump during party weekends!
Come play with us and Hop 'Til You Drop!